BITEK unit is the invention of the 21 century, which was patented in 2012 and is in a full concordance with the needs of the modern time. It is economical, environmentally friendly and durable.

What is the unit BITEK? Unit BITEK is the first building blocks representing a part of a finished wall without the required insulation or strengthening, and is completely ready for final finishing. There are different names and definitions for similar units:
- Stones concrete wall
- Small building blocks (the size and the weight of the unit, allow it to be laid manually in the construct)
- Tongue-and-groove boards
- Blocks of lightweight aggregate



Tongue-and-groove boards (use of compound "tongue and groove" in combination with the minimal deviations in size blocks simplifies the process of laying, therefore, there is no need to align each board, this way, we increase the reliability and the strength of the walls. It is impossible to arrange the boards wrong. A special form of "tongue" and "grooves" prevents moisture penetration into the wall and make it windproof).

Lightweight aggregate blocks (blocks are made of ultra-light expanded clay a bulk density of 200-250 kg / m3, cement and M500 D0. The average of the unit consists of encapsulated ultra-light expanded clay, and the front and inside part - of a mixture of ground expanded clay and cement, to provide average 450 kg / m3 density unit at λ = 0,11 and strength M10, or 550 kg / m3, and λ = 0,11 M25 strength).

Constructive insulating blocks (due to durability and parameters thermal conductivity, BITEK blocks used for masonry bearing walls in a row, M10 - Up to two floors, M25 - up to 3 floors).

Units with the front surface and the inner plaster layer (blocks BITEK fully prepared for finishing. The outer facing surface unit may have a smooth or embossed texture suitable for application recommended vapor-permeable hydrophobic facade paints. internal block surface has a ready plaster layer, which is possible to apply putty with subsequent painting or wallpapering, installation of decorative panels adhesive or mechanical means, as well as other ways of finishing).

Blocks for seamless single-row laying on the mounting adhesive (insulating properties of the block and its design allows to build outer walls of the blocks in a row without seams. The blocks lie directly one on the other the whole plane, and flame-retardant polyurethane adhesive with mounting foaming fills the cavity formed expanded clay capsules and provides in combination with the "ridges and groove" complete thermal uniformity of the wall. Laying on mounting adhesive can improve laying rate compared with other small wall materials in 3-6 times).

One unit equals the volume of 16 standard bricks, wherein block weighs 15.5 kg, which is 4 times lighter than the weight of the bricks of the same volume. When making BITEK units produced 18 kinds of products (angular blocks, bay, aperture, etc.), excluding the mass blocks completion of the construction site. It is going from house blocks like LEGO constructor.

Construction technology houses from blocks BITEK very simple. After the foundation of the device (the construction of which is determined by taking into account conclusions of geological surveys on the site construction and customer preferences, and device) and waterproofing, masonry executed a preparatory layer of brick, forming ideal "bed" for the first row of masonry blocks, which will determine the follow-up vertical wall. After solidification of the solution preparatory layer can perform masonry BITEK blocks. Masonry is from the corners to the middle. Jumpers for the window and door openings made of channel, which is based on blocks with a predetermined number of upper aperture prepared propene sill edges. Apparatus overlaps (including reinforced concrete hollow core slabs 220 mm) performed by reinforcing belt width 150 mm. Roof device is conducted according to the draft.

Available in 18 kinds of products, (ссылка на русскоязычную стр.) excluding mass blocks completion on the construction site, 20 facial invoices, (ссылка на русскоязычную стр.) which can be colored in any color as construction site, and in the workplace. Maybe manufacturing facial textures from samples of the customer.

Resistance to the adverse factors environment (solar radiation, wind and humidity, air), temperature effects, and the effects of the gas an aqueous medium containing various impurities, exposure acids, alkalis and salt solutions.

Wall constructions BITEK units are not subject to rot, damage by insects and rodents, do not require additional care.

Perhaps the use of all types of foundations, including shallow buried.

Houses built from BITEK blocks have low cost of ownership due to lower heating costs, conditioning and maintaining in proper condition facades and interior surfaces of exterior walls.


•    High structural strength and toughness, excellent technological properties (the wall of the blocks well BITEK fastened to the most common way - friction, while providing a sufficient load capacity anchor. On the wall you can "hang" furniture or equipment weighing more than 100 kg, with a sufficient length of the anchor). The high insulating properties (mean loss factor (dB) - at least 50). High speed of masonry. Masonry blocks of BITEK can significantly reduce the time of construction of exterior walls, reduce the number and shorten technological breaks. It takes time for device Q1. m of the outer wall is not more than 1 hour (including the color of the facade). So, for the erection of walls and Overlap 2-storey house with an area of 100 square meters. m of our blocks requires 4 days.

•    The presence of "groove-ridge" and laying on the mounting adhesive It provides a complete uniformity of the wall (coefficient uniformity - 1.0) and 100% protection against blowing.

•    Energy efficiency (with a thickness of the wall 400 at R = 3,6 3.13 SNIP established in the Moscow region).

•    Long service life (at least 100 years).

•    It is ecological (in the components of the block aren’t any synthetically made compounds) the polyurethane glue is fixed in the construction and will serve truthfully for more than 50 years.

•    Fire, fire (wall constructions of the blocks are off (NG), are fire REI240, 240 minutes)

•    Water vapor permeability (prevents the accumulation of water vapor in the external walls, water vapor permeability coefficient (m, h m2 Pa / mg) - 0.09).

•    High structural strength and toughness, excellent technological properties (in the wall made out of BITEK blocks is used the most common fastening process- friction, while providing a special load capacity anchor. On this wall, you can “hang” furniture or equipment weighing more than 100 kg if provided a sufficient length of the anchor.

•    The high insulating properties (mean loss factor (dB) at least 50).